Verdant Experiences is a tourism business established in 2017, registered in Galicia (Spain) with travel agency license XG-647.

Verdant Experiences focuses on offering 1-day tours and 2-day private tours around Galicia. It was born due to market demand, as there are many visitors in the area that come by public transportation and have already booked their hotels in any of the main cities of the region; but they would like to explore some of the wonderful places that Galicia has outside its main cities.

These private tours are planned to start from Ourense city. If during your stay in Galicia, your accommodation is somewhere else and you would like to start a private tour from your location, please let us know through our contact form.

If you have any questions, you can contact us through our contact form or you can email us at or call us on belongs to Verdant Experiences.

Through we offer group tours around Ribeira Sacra, with regular departures all year long. If you prefer a tailor made private tour on the date of your choice, please browse our tours in the current website that you are visiting.


We (Diego and Jordan) are the founders of Verdant Experiences. We are both from Galicia (Northwest of Spain), even though we have lived abroad most of our professional careers.

Back in 2015 we both moved back to Spain due to different reasons, and we randomly met one day in a multicultural event that one of us had organized. We realized very soon that we shared a common vision about how to promote our region. And here we are!! Ready to show to the rest of the world all the wonders and hidden gems that this beautiful region has to offer you if you look close enough.