Trevinca Forest Hiking

Nature hiking route through the forests of Trevinca. Enjoy a day of hiking in the province of Ourense with the local experts from Terras Altas de Trevinca.

Type: Senderismo de Naturaleza
Total duration: 7,30
Available seats: 4
Group size: 4 people
Date: June 19, 2021
Departure from: Xares (A Veiga) (at 09:00 am)
Price: 25€ per person



Hiking in the nature through traditional paths or "corredoiras", some recovered and others forgotten, gravel tracks and animal trails, in contact at all times with the natural environment of the Trevinca mountains.

Guided by the local experts from "Terras Altas de Trevinca", you can enjoy a journey under an impressive tree cover of native hardwoods (oaks, birches, hazelnuts, etc ...), visiting ancestral, relictic forests, forgotten by the passage of time and human action.

We will listen to the singing of the birds, we will feel the breeze on our face and we will smell the intense perfume of the flowers that will accompany us for most of the journey. An experience for all senses.


  • Route length: 17 km
  • Positive slope: 725 m
  • Negative slope: 725 m
  • Estimated duration of the route: 7h 30min
  • Difficulty*: HIGH

*Difficulty levels: LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, EXTREME. Difficulty levels take into account factors such as length, accumulated slope, type of trail, weather and time of year, among many other factors evaluated by experts in the area. 



  • Start: 09:00
  • Approximate end time: 17:15



  • Spanish and/or Galician



  • 25 € / person



  • Local Mountain Guide and Local Accompanying Guide.
  • Accident and Civil Liability Insurance.
  • Interpretation of the environment during the tour.
  • Taxes


NOT Included

  • Transport of the participants to the starting point of the activity.
  • Material to carry out the activity.
  • Food and drink (at the participant's expense).



We offer the possibility of staying in the surroundings of Trevinca. With a wide variety of accommodation, from rural houses to apartments with stays from 2 nights, as well as complementary activities that could be included. For more information you can contact us. 


  • Recording of the route on electronic devices is not allowed.
  • Dogs or other companion animals are not allowed.
  • The consumption of any type of alcoholic beverage is not allowed during the activity.
  • At all times, participants are subject to the rules of those responsible for it.
  • At the time of registration for the activity, it is mandatory to report possible diseases or allergies of the participant that may affect them during the tour.
  • Minors under 18 must be accompanied by their parents or guardians, who are responsible for the minor.
  • Those responsible for the activity may vary the previously established route, or the duration of the activity, depending on the characteristics of the group of participants or the weather conditions.
  • The organization reserves the right not to allow people to participate in the activity, without any right to claim, that it considers that on the same day of the activity they do not have the mandatory material to carry it out based on the expected weather conditions (pants jeans or cotton pants, hiking mountain shoes, etc ..)

Cancellation Policy 

Once the activity has been booked, except for its suspension by the organizer, the cancellation policy will be as follows:

  • Substitution of seat holders up to 12h before the start. Free, without penalty.
  • Cancellation up to 24 hours before. Refund of 45% of the amount.
  • Cancellation up to 48 hours before. Refund of 70% of the amount.
  • Cancellation up to 72 hours before. Return of 85% of the amount.

Note. Due to the situation due to COVID-19, particular situations derived from mobility restrictions or possible quarantines will be taken into account. Please read the mandatory information about COVID-19 situation in Galicia.


Jun 19, 2021


INFO: this activity is not valid for children.

Total group size: 2 people

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