Dec 29, 2017 General

A review of the year 2017

We are in the last week of 2017 and to finalize the year in which Verdant Experiences has been created, we would like to dedicate the last post of this year to give a review of what have been the first months of this online Travel Agency.

Only a few months ago we were in the process of creating what later on would be called Verdant Experiences, the dream of two entrepreneurs who wanted to share the virtues of their land with the rest of the world. An idea that began two years before, sharing in a bar the experiences we had lived outside of Spain and above all emphasizing what we had left behind during that time: our land, its people, its culture and its traditions.

After several months of talks we moved from ideas into actions, taking the decision of doing something that would allow us to share what we missed so much when we were abroad, to show the world one of the least known areas of the Iberian Peninsula: the Northwest of Spain and the North of Portugal. That's where Verdant Experiences came from.

To achieve this, we have gone through good times and not so good ones, but always being able to move forward, facing the obstacles that we have encountered along the way.

Bureaucracy aside, it has not been easy to promote our business. We are a new travel agency, with a new concept in the local market, and for possible clients it may seem risky to contract our services or for providers to collaborate with us. We must recognize that these beginnings were complicated, but as time goes by and thanks to those who have trusted us in those first moments, we are now in a position to continue offering more and better services.

We must also recognize that during these months we have been lucky to share moments with wonderful people, with clients like you who have made each work day special.

Thank you for the way you treated us, the joy that each of you has shared with us during your holidays, we are pleased to have been part of your vacation even if it was only for a day.

From Verdant Experiences we would like to thank you for this wonderful 2017 and wish you a happy new year 2018!!