Jan 12, 2018 General

A walk through Combarro

On the coast of Pontevedra is located one of the most beautiful fishing villages on the Galician coast, being one of the most visited places in Galicia. We are talking about Combarro, a village of no more than 1000 inhabitants that has several of the most characteristic elements of Galicia: hórreos (barns), cruceiros (religious monument) and the ocean.

This old fishing village was declared an historical-artistic site in 1972, and in it you can appreciate the rural architecture of Galicia. Combarro is set in granite and with this same material its houses and monuments have been created, also having narrow and picturesque streets that are worth visiting.

Most of these streets go down to the ocean, arranged in such a way that the fishermen could have an easy access to develop the fishing activity in the area. Nowadays their habitants no longer depend on fishing, but the atmosphere in the village has not changed.

In the street parallel to the ocean (Rúa do Mar) there are numerous taverns, restaurants, wine bars and souvenir shops, being one of the busiest areas of the village.

One of the characteristics of Combarro is the collection of Hórreos (barns) available. In this traditional element were stored products of the field such as corn, wheat or potatoes. During a walk along the town we can find more than 30 hórreos (barns), but the most striking thing is that most of them are located next to the ocean.

What is the reason? The access to the fields was by the ocean, being necessary to use a boat to reach them, so placing the horreos (barns) next to the ocean facilitated the transport of the products from the field to the storage place.

Walking through its streets we can also find one of the 7 Cruceiros (religious monument that consists in a cross sculpted in granite) of the village. These religious elements of protection are mostly representations of the victory of good over evil, but we also find some that are altars.

Bonus: At low tide you can enter the estuary and take a walk to the beach of A Pinela. From there, in addition to enjoying beautiful views of the estuary and the Island of Tambo, you can also see the characteristic architecture of Combarro and the layout of the horreos (barns) facing the ocean.

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