Feb 16, 2018 General

Bidueiral de Montederramo: snow in the most southern birch forest in Europe

This 2018 winter is being quite rough in the North Hemisphere, with several snow storms even here in Galicia, despite being in the South of Europe.

However, for nature lovers, a good snow storm is a great reason to suit up with your snow boots and jacket, and head towards a close by forest to admire the resulting landscape. And that’s exactly what we did last week!

This time, we decided to visit the Bidueiral de Montederramo (birch tree forest of Montederramo), well know in the area for being the most southern birch tree forest in Europe. This forest is located between the municipalities of Montederramo and Vilar de Barrio, in the province of Ourense (Spain); occupying an area of roughly 22000 square feet.

The birch tree is a typical tree of the Nordic countries, but it’s not very common in the South of Europe, and even more uncommon finding a birch tree forest. Due to this, this Bidueiral de Montederramo is a very peculiar and interesting forest.

So if we add to that peculiarity a good snow storm… We get a mystical scenery, that it doesn’t seem to belong to the place where it stands. The moment we set foot in the forest, we start having an odd feeling, like we had been teleported to Sweden or Norway!

We do part of the visit by 4x4, because the amount of snow makes complicated walking without snow rackets, an unusual equipment in this region.

The landscape is breathtaking. We stop every 5 minutes to admire the beauty that is presented behold us. The birch trees, with their long and skinny trunks, seem to be dancing at the rhythm of the wind.

The snow reveals a large amount of animal tracks, specially when we pass near water streams, where we imagine that local wild animals go frequently to drink some water. During our tour, we keep wondering how many wild animals are observing us from their hiding spots, despite the fact that we can’t see any. This fox was an exception: it seemed that his curiosity was stronger than his fear, and he observed us for a moment while keeping a safety distance.

We came back home with the feeling of having experienced something very special, with the sensation of somehow having traveled thousands of miles despite the fact that this forest is only one hour away from the city of Ourense.

If you would like to visit the Bidueiral de Montederramo and its surroundings, you can contact us here and we would love to organize a tailor-made tour for you and your beloved ones!