Nov 17, 2017 General

O Courel, a parallel universe

In the province of Lugo and extending to the neighboring province of León, we can find one of the most beautiful landscapes of Galicia and Spain: the mountains of O Courel or also known as mountains of O Caurel. A mystical place that covers 21,000 hectares, with summits that exceed 1,500 meters of altitude, deep valleys full of vegetation where the mediterranean forest and the atlantic forest intermingle, with a great biodiversity and a lot of archaeological heritage to visit.

O Courel offers a unique combination of colors thanks to its diverse vegetation (especially during autumn), but it is also a magical place with legends that talk about an invisible kingdom to the profane, known as the kingdom of "Os Mouros" or dwellers.

These legends come from civilizations that settled in the area throughout different centuries, leaving us archaeological remains in different parts of the mountains, some have already been discovered and others are yet to be discovered.

One of the best preserved archaeological sites is called Castro da Torre. It was a mining town dating from the 1st century A.D. and located at 761 meters of altitude. This settlement created for gold mining during the Roman era, offers incredible views of the valleys of the area and is worth visiting. Of course, to get there you have to walk uphill. Let's go!

Another monument that can be seen, is a medieval castle located at 930 meters of altitude, which is called Castelo do Carbedo and that was used as a military fortress. To visit it, you have to be careful on the hillside, especially if the terrain is wet.

The mountains also have prepared surprises for you when you venture inside, you can do hikes of all kinds and for all ages (even to go with kids). Walking along different hike trails where we can find old trees, caves and paths along rivers that end in beautiful waterfalls.

One of the several waterfalls that can be found in the area is called Fervenza de Vieiros, accessible through a simple hiking route that starts on the road. During summer, you can see some brave people bathing among waterfalls like this one!

During your tour around O Courel, besides nature, it is also advisable to visit beautiful villages such as A Seara. You can see beautiful houses made of stone and slate roofs (a resource of great importance in this mining area), which has great resemblance to those that can be seen in towns such as Peñalba de Santiago (at El Bierzo), recognized for its charm and architectural beauty.

BONUS: if you like gastronomy, and especially wine and chestnuts... you cannot miss the Chestnut Festival in O Caurel (Festa da Castaña do Caurel), which is held every year during the first week of November in Seoane of O Courel.

This is just a sample of everything that can be visited and / or done in this magical place. If you would like us to organize your trip to O Courel, we would love to! We will take care of all the logistics: transportation, acommodation, meals... And we will go with you so you don't have to worry about whether you are getting to the right place or not. Also this way, you will not miss any of the interesting spots that are worth visiting.

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