Mar 9, 2018 New Tours

Regular Tours to Ribeira Sacra

After several weeks of work and preparation, we would like to introduce you to our new product: Excursion Ribeira Sacra by Verdant Experiences . A website specialized in tours or excursions, experiences, activities and vacation packages in the Ribeira Sacra.

Ribeira Sacra Regular Tour

How did come about?

Our history with the Ribeira Sacra begins back in the year 2017, period during which we developed our first private excursions in the Ribeira Sacra, always trying to show the charms of this land as we know it and in a very personalized way.

Throughout these months, we have seen that there is also a demand to discover the Ribeira Sacra through traditional tours. So from now on we will not only continue offering these personalized tours that we have been doing so far, but we also started a series of regular tours that will be available throughout the year.

Here you can see our first promotional video filmed at the end of february 2018.

Why not to only do this during the summer season?

The interior of Galicia can be visited all year around, this land has a special charm that makes all the seasons attractive and every moment of the year can leave you with a unique memory. But if in addition to a beautiful landscape we can add new sensations, seasonal cuisine, some mystery and moments in good company, then it can become the perfect getaway for a few days or a weekend.

One of the essential places you must visit is the Ribeira Sacra. It is a natural paradise located in the interior of Galicia between the provinces of Ourense and Lugo.

The Sil Canyon

Along the Riberas del Sil and the Riberas del Miño, in addition to the famous Sil Canyon, you can also see lush forests of oak and chestnut trees, vineyards located in impossible places, waters that change color according to the time of day, waterfalls that fall between the mountains, monasteries that take you to another era, gastronomy and wine culture, crafts, etc.

But above all, the feeling that you are in another world for a few days, enjoying the peace and tranquility that this place transmits and then going back home with the feeling of having been in a unique place for a few days.

Cabezoas Viewpoint

How can you visit the Ribeira Sacra with Verdant Experiences?

With this new product we can offer you several types of tours, always with all included policy (transport, activities and visits, lunch, etc.):

  • Regular Tours: excursions with a specific itinerary, place of departure / arrival and time, in groups of maximum 25-27 people. Departures on planned dates. Affordable option that also might have promotion codes at specific dates. (can be booked at
  • Personalized Tours: excursions adapted to the client's preferences (itinerary and schedule), in groups of maximum 7-8 people, with transportation from and to the accommodation. Departure on any date subject to availability. (can be booked at
  • Personalized Tours for Groups: are ideal for specific requests from business groups, associations, and large groups of friends or similar. (to book this option contact us)


If you  have any questions or would like to visit Ribeira Sacra you can contact us here or you can book a tour at any of the websites mentioned above!