Mar 1, 2022 General

Tourist Card - #QuedamosEnGalicia 2022

In 2022 the Tourist Card (Tarjeta Turística) will be extended so that the entire Galician population can be benefited and help promote internal tourism, an initiative under the slogan #QuedamosEnGalicia22 and in which Verdant Experiences is already participating.

The tourist card was launched in 2020 as part of the measures to support the Galician tourism sector as a result of the effects of the influence of COVID-19. In that first edition (valid until May 31, 2021) and know as Bono Turístico/Bono Sanitario, the beneficiaries were the health and social health personnel of Galicia, and now its coverage is extended to the entire Galician population so that they can enjoy its benefits. Then in 2021 was extended to the rest of the population (valid until December 31, 2021) and due the success it will be extended to 2022.


What does it consist of?

The Tourist Card 2022 is a prepaid Visa card (wallet card) that is given to each beneficiary who makes the corresponding request, and that can be used in the tourist establishments and services that are part of the program, for example our agency Verdant Experiences.

The card will be loaded with a balance at the financial institution ABanca that collaborates with the Xunta de Galicia in the implementation of this program. In this new edition, Turismo de Galicia will contribute with 40% of the cost of the voucher and the beneficiary citizen must contribute with the remaining 60%. 


Who can benefit from the Card? 

All citizens who wish to do so may request the Tourist Card within the established terms and forms provided, as long as they meet the following requirements: 

  • Be over 18 years old 
  • Be registered in a Galician municipality
  • If you got a card from the previous editions, you can not get one in the new edition.


When can the Tourist Card #QuegamosEnGalicia22 be requested? 

From March 21 you can  Apply for the Tourist Card


When it can be used? 

Until December 31, 2022. Between July 1, 2022 and September 15, 2022, can not be used.


Types of cards 

The cards that citizens may request within this incentive program will be the following: 

  • Card of 500 € (200 € Turismo de Galicia – 300 € citizen)
  • Card of 375 € (150 € Turismo de Galicia – 225 € citizen)
  • Card of 250 € (100 € Turismo de Galicia – 150 € citizen)


What companies will be able to join the new call? 

Accommodations and travel agencies may participate. Through them, the complementary offer can be packaged (active tourism, industrial, restaurant, spa ...). 

We are a Travel Agency that participates in this program, and you can redeem your voucher with us. We will soon have specific information regarding the packages that we can offer you. 

On the website you will be able to check the packages offered by Verdant Experiences to exchange this new 2022 Tourist Voucher or Card.

Note: this article will be updated when news regarding this initiative are published.