Oct 10, 2017 General

Welcome to Verdant Experiences!

Around three months ago this exciting project was launched, a Travel Agency created with the goal of showing and sharing with the rest of the world the hidden gems of the Northwest of Spain and the North of Portugal.

We have started by focusing on our homeland: the region of Ourense. Thanks to our tours in the province, our clients have been able to enjoy some treasures like the Ribeira Sacra, but also they have realized that they must come back again, since there is still so much more to discover.

We also have to acknowledge how lucky we are with the groups that have visited us throughout these months, incredible people with whom we have enjoyed together landscapes, gastronomy, anecdotes... and above all we had so much fun! It is important to remember that holidays are to disconnect, relax and enjoy.

Due to all this, we wanted to provide an even more personal touch as we do not seek to be a conventional travel agency; we would like to transform your holidays into an authentic experience for you. We do not want you to forget us or this wonderful land, and with this goal we become: Verdant Experiences!