Apr 14, 2018 Wineries

Wineries from Ribeira Sacra: Adega Vella

Today we are going to talk about other of our favorite wineries of the Ribeira Sacra region: Adega Vella.

We can’t hide it… We are big fans of small wineries. Big wineries are certainly impressive, with their modern design buildings and their vineyards that extend for miles; but small wineries have something special, some kind of magnetic attraction that you rarely find in a big winery.

This magnetic attraction comes most of the time from the owners of the winery. A small winery owner is a interesting combination of an optimistic dreamer, a brave entrepreneur and a patient businessman; all mixed with being very passionate about vineyards and wine.

Jorge Feijóo, owner of Adega Vella, is one of these characters: when he talks he always transmits all his passion about wine and the Ribeira Sacra, and that makes the tours around his winery a really unique experience. Now if you add up the great quality of his wines, the visits to his winery are simply amazing.

Adega Vella was created in 2005, and it is located in A Abeleda, a village in the province of Ourense. Its main building is a singular one: it was built in the 12th century, and it originally belonged to the church of A Abeleda.

In the 15th century it was acquired by Jorge’s ancestors. When he inherited the house, it was in a very bad shape, so he decided to renovate it completely. In that renovation they respected all the original structure, and gave the house a new life as a winery of the Ribeira Sacra.

They cultivate around 6 hectares of vineyards, always with traditional techniques and growing only local varieties of grapes: mencía, merenzao and brancellao for red wines; and godello, loureira, treixadura and albariño for white wines.

With these varieties of grapes, they currently produce the following wines:

- Red wines: Adega Vella mencía, 988, Baluce, Quitapesares, Tradición

- White wines: Adega Vella godello

If you would like to visit the Adega Vella winery in the Ribeira Sacra appellation of origin region, Verdant Experiences offers a Ribeira Sacra one-day tour for that, so just let us know in the comments of your reservation. We would love you to show you this magic region of Galicia!