Dec 8, 2017 Wineries

Wineries from Ribeira Sacra: Ronsel do Sil

Following our series of posts about interesting wineries for each Appellation of Origin located in Galicia, today we are going to talk about one of our favorite wineries in Ribeira Sacra: Ronsel do Sil.

Located in the municipality of Parada de Sil, the winery Ronsel do Sil was built next to the Sil river, which gives it a stunning view from both their main building and their vineyards.

It is a family owned business, with a small production, focused on making high quality white wines and red wines.

For the elaboration of their wines, they use the following varieties of grapes: godello, dona branca and treixadura for their white wines; and mencía, merenzao y garnacha for their red wines.

Ronsel do Sil produces the following wine brands: Alpendre, Arpegio and Vel’uveyra for red wines, and Ourive and Vel’uveyra for white wines.

Their brand Alpendre deserves a special mention, because it’s made 100% with Merenzao, a local variety of grape that it had almost disappeared in the Ribeira Sacra. Ronsel do Sil, among with other small local producers, is doing a big effort to recover this local variety and put it back in the spotlight.

Maria Jose is the heart and soul of this winery, a truly wine passionate, always willing to share with their visitors the adventures and misadventures that come with starting a winery from scratch and building a reputation for making exquisite wines.

If you would like to visit the Ribeira Sacra appellation of origin region, Verdant Experiences offers a Ribeira Sacra one-day tour for that, in which we usually visit Ronsel do Sil winery. We would love you to show you this magic region of Galicia!