Nov 24, 2017 General

Wineries from Ribeiro: Priorato de Razamonde

Verdant Experiences was born from a very simple idea: promoting the wonders of Galicia, and the Northwest of Spain overall. So sticking to this idea, we start here the promotion of one of the most wonderful products that this region has to offer: our wines.

This post is the first of a series of posts in our blog where we will show you our favorite wineries for each Appellation of Origin located in this region. So, to begin this series we have decided to start with Ribeiro appellation of origin!

Our first Ribeiro winery is Priorato de Razamonde, located in Cenlle, province of Ourense (Spain).

The project of this winery started in the late 90s, as a dream of 4 siblings that had a deep connection with their roots. Despite the fact that none of their professional careers where related to the wine sector, they decided to bet their money on their home land and aim to produce great quality wines.

And they surely did! Since their first wine hit the market in 2012, they have been rewarded with several prizes. You can see a full list in Priorato de Razamonde official website.

Priorato de Razamonde produces both white wine and red wine, under two different brands: Alter and Priorato de Razamonde

For the elaboration of their wines they only use local varieties of grapes, all from the Ribeiro region: brancellao and sousón for their red wines; and treixadura, godello and loureiro for their white wines.

The winery is located besides the Miño river, surrounded by their own vineyards. It is a totally worth visiting place, and of course in Verdant Experiences we can arrange visits to our customers.

During your visit you will enjoy a wine tasting of all their wines, and you will also be able to visit the winery and their magnificent property. They have a big reception tent that can accommodate large groups of people, and that makes it a perfect location for receptions and similar events.

Priorato de Razamonde exports their wines to several countries, so if during your visit you decided that you love their wines (you will!), they will inform you who are the local providers of their wines in your country of origin.

If you would like to visit the Ribeiro apellation of origin region, Verdant Experiences offers a Ribeiro tour for that, and in that tour we can visit Priorato de Razamonde winery if you wish; just let us know in the comments of your reservation!