Ourense South tour

Included: Visit to Celanova, Vilanova dos lnfantes, Allariz, Baños de Molgas and Los Milagros; Coffee in Maceda.

- Type: 1-day private tour.
- Total duration: approx. 10h
- Car travel time: approx. 2h
From: 95€ per person
(price for group of 8)


During our Ourense South tour we will visit the south area of Ourense city, mainly the municipalities of Celanova, Allariz and Maceda. In the region of Terras de Celanova we will find remains from the Iron age, the Roman Empire and the Medieval age. All this combined with the region of Allariz - Maceda, where you will find lovely small towns surrounded by raw nature, it makes the Ourense South tour one of the best ones to enjoy the perfect balance between urban and rural lifestyles.

Some details about our Ourense South tour

This region has on one side a main landmark in Celanova, with a vast cultural and historical background, and on the other side Allariz, considered by many one of the most beautiful small towns of Spain. In this tour you will see all kinds of monuments (monasteries, towers, churches, castles), along with nice spots to chill & relax, like the hotsprings of Baños de Molgas.

What is included in the Ourense South tour

  • Visit to the Monastery of San Salvador de Celanova, to the celtic remains of Castromao and to the charming village of Vilanova dos Infantes
  • Visit to Allariz, one of the most beautiful small towns of Spain
  • Visit to Baños de Molgas & Maceda
  • Private transportation
  • Photography service

 Not included

  • Lunch

Note: There are additional activities and visits that can be arranged on demand, but they are not included in the base price.

Departure from Ourense city, at the location requested by the customer. Recommended departure is at 10am. One of our employees will drive you and accompany you all along the tour, assisting you in whatever you need.


Approximate duration

  • Tour: 10 hours
  • Car travel time: 2h10min


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Additional information

Municipalities that belong to the region of Terras de Celanova: A Bola, Cartelle, Celanova, Gomesende, A Merca, Padrenda, Pontedeva, Quintela de Leirado, Ramirás Verea.

Municipalities that belong to the region of Allariz - Maceda: Allariz, Baños de Molgas, Maceda, Paderne de Allariz, Xunqueira de Ambía & Xunqueira de Espadañedo.


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Total group size: 2 people

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