Premium Travel Tours in Galicia

We are an incoming travel agency from Ourense, specialized in organizing tailor-made trips, stays, tours and activities in Galicia (northwest of Spain). We provide a close and personalized service, and we take care of all you need so you can enjoy a first-class travel experience in this wonderful territory.

Carefree tailor-made holidays

Because holidays should only be about having fun

From day tours to holiday packages. We design experiences exclusively for each client and according to their preferences. The only responsibility that you will have during your vacation will be to relax and enjoy, we take care of everything else

Nature that Nurtures

Raw stunning nature, with warm weather

The Northwest of the Iberian peninsula has the best of both worlds: the beauty of an Irish forest with the nice warm temperatures of a Spanish beach town. It rains too sometimes, but that’s why it is so green!

Gastronomy and wine excellence

Food is our queen, and wine our king

We love food and wine more than anything else! We arguably have the best seafood in the world, along with some of the best wines (specially white but also red). We also excel at making cheese, honey, sausages, pies… and octopus!

The land of homemade goods

The old ways are the best ways

Because the old ways still are, for many things, the best way of making products. Most of our wineries make their wines the traditional way, and they are proud to show their techniques to anyone interested. Same applies for many other foods and goods!

Kindness is our flagship

Respectful visitors are always welcome

People from the Northwest love their land more than anything else, and they will automatically like anyone that comes and shows the same respect to nature that they have. There is an old saying in Spain that praises: if you prove to be a decent person to a Northerner, you will have earned a loyal friend for the rest of your life.

Northerners from the South

Because... it depends!

Depending on who is asking the question (and what the question is), people here will claim to be a proud Northerner (from Spain or Portugal); or a proud Southerner (from Europe). Because, at the end of the day, we have the best of both worlds!

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