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Autumn days in Allariz

When we talk about beautiful or charming places, the first thing that comes to mind to someone from Ourense is Allariz. And if we add the word autumn, it already becomes a must-see place during the months when the leaf falls.

Just 23 km from the city of Ourense, is this beautiful Village of Allariz, the ideal place for a weekend walk either in company or on your own, and during the autumn months a paradise for photography lovers.

The Arnoia River runs through the village, and along one of the riversides of it runs the Paseo del Arnado, a beautiful route that connects with the historic center of the town and that can be done as a circular route passing through its old town.

Allariz Arnoia River

Starting from the Alameda, we can follow a path along the riverside until we reach one of the most beautiful areas: the Arnado.

Allariz Walk Alameda

In this beautiful area you can enjoy a spectacular combination of colors, and at the same time see one of the symbols of Allariz: the romanesque bridge of Vilanova (puente románico de Vilanova).

Allariz Paseo Arnado

After enjoying beautiful views along the river, we cross the bridge to enter the center of the town. Declared as historical-artistic site in 1971, the historic center of Allariz after years of work for its recovery, received the European Prize for Urban Planning Space in 1994.

Allariz City hall

It is recommended to take a walk among its narrow streets to enjoy its wonderful architecture, and if you feel strong enough to walk to the highest point, then visit a place called Penedo da Vela (an old fortress-castle), where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the village.

Allariz Historical Center

Allariz is also known for the number of outlet stores available in its historic center. As they are open on Sundays and holidays, it becomes another reason for visiting the village. In this shopping area there are outlets of different brands and all kinds of items.

Allariz Outlets

To end the visit to the center, we need to reach the upper part where we will find the convent of Santa Clara (convento de Santa Clara) that has the largest baroque cloister in Spain, and in front of if you have the Campo da Barreira where an open-air market is held monthly.

Allariz Campo da Barreira

Once visited the historic center, we return to the river but through the other side. There we will find an old factory in which leather was treated, but which currently functions as a restaurant and museum. The views are beautiful and it is a haven of tranquility, a recommended place to have a drink or a meal, either on their terrace or their balcony.

Allariz Fábrica Curtidos

This area of the river is beautiful and an amazing place for photography lovers.

Allariz Fábrica de Curtidos

And since gastronomy could not be left aside, you cannot leave Allariz without trying the famous Almendrados de Allariz. It is a typical dessert of the area, made with ground almonds and eggs, delicious!

Bonus: during the spring and summer, the International Garden Festival (Festival Internacional de Xardíns) is held in Allariz. Under a different theme every year, gardens elaborated by people from different parts of the world are exhibited, and among them a winner will come out thanks to the votes of the visitors. On the other hand, at the end of May it is celebrated a festival similar to San Fermines called Festa do Boi. It is a traditional festival, in which people have to run in front of an ox in the center of the village. There is no animal sacrifice, the ox just walks around the village. We will talk about this party in another post.

Allariz Ox Festival

The visit to Allariz during the autumn is incredible, but you can also visit it at any time of the year. The visit to this beautiful village is included in our private tour Ourense Sur along with other places of interest such as Celanova or Baños de Molgas. If you would like us to organize your visit, we will love to! We will make sure that you visit all the places of interest, and we will also surprise you with other visits.

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