Wineries from Ribeiro: Mauro Estévez

Winter is a resting period for the vineyards: the vines go through the sleeping phase of their vegetative cycle, waiting for milder temperatures to wake up and start another production cycle.

But, Winter is about give way to Spring, so it’s time for us at Verdant Experiences to also wake up and resume our post series about wineries in the...

Mar 9, 2018 New Tours
Regular Tours to Ribeira Sacra

After several weeks of work and preparation, we would like to introduce you to our new product: Excursion Ribeira Sacra by Verdant Experiences . A website specialized in tours or excursions, experiences, activities and vacation packages in the Ribeira Sacra.

How did come about?

Our history with the Ribeira Sacra begins back in the year 2017, period during which...

A walk through "The Valley of Death"

Taking advantage of the good weather we are having this winter, last weekend we went to the Baixa Limia to participate in an interpreted route. The activity took place through the Valle del Salas or also called "O Val da Morte" (The Valley of Death), known for the amount of "mámoas" (funerary monuments) that exist in the area.

Clarification: first...

Bidueiral de Montederramo: snow in the most southern birch forest in Europe

This 2018 winter is being quite rough in the North Hemisphere, with several snow storms even here in Galicia, despite being in the South of Europe.

However, for nature lovers, a good snow storm is a great reason to suit up with your snow boots and jacket, and head towards a close by forest to admire the resulting landscape. And...

O Entroido (The Carnival), between “Cigarrones” and “Pantallas”

We are in a very special moment of year in Ourense (Spain), because during these days the most awaited party of the year is taking place in the province, where formality is forgotten and laughter prevails. We are talking about "O Entroido" (The Carnival), a festival of great popular tradition and qualified as a "Festival of Tourist Interest" in Spain.

Collaborating with Progape, the local animal shelter

Verdant Experiences is just a startup, a small business that opened barely 6 months ago. But, as founders of this business, we knew from day one that we didn’t want to be “yet another business” that only focuses on making profits. We want to be part of our community, and make our own contribution to this community.

So, with this...