O Entroido (The Carnival), between “Cigarrones” and “Pantallas”

We are in a very special moment of year in Ourense (Spain), because during these days the most awaited party of the year is taking place in the province, where formality is forgotten and laughter prevails. We are talking about "O Entroido" (The Carnival), a festival of great popular tradition and qualified as a "Festival of Tourist Interest" in Spain.

Collaborating with Progape, the local animal shelter

Verdant Experiences is just a startup, a small business that opened barely 6 months ago. But, as founders of this business, we knew from day one that we didn’t want to be “yet another business” that only focuses on making profits. We want to be part of our community, and make our own contribution to this community.

So, with this...

Santome, the coexistence of two civilizations

Not that far from the city of Ourense (just three kilometers away), we can find an archaeological site in which different civilizations settled a little over two thousand years ago. We are talking about the Archaeological Site of Santomé, a place of great relevance to understand part of the past of the city of Ourense.

It is an exceptional...

Jan 19, 2018 General
The Harvest, an ancient tradition

The vendimia is how the grape harvest is called in Spanish. It’s a extremely ancient tradition: there are records of the harvest process from the times of the Egyptian pharaohs 2 millennia BC.

The harvest process has been mechanized in several wine regions, because it saves costs in labor, but in the Galicia and the North of Portugal it...

Jan 12, 2018 General
A walk through Combarro

On the coast of Pontevedra is located one of the most beautiful fishing villages on the Galician coast, being one of the most visited places in Galicia. We are talking about Combarro, a village of no more than 1000 inhabitants that has several of the most characteristic elements of Galicia: hórreos (barns), cruceiros (religious monument) and the ocean.


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Hiking around Ons Island

In this post of our Verdant Experiences blog, we are going to tell you about one of the most interesting islands in the Galician coastline: the Ons Island.

The Ons Island, in the estuary of Pontevedra (Spain), is the main island of the Ons archipelago, that belongs to the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park.

This archipelago, known as...