Jan 5, 2018 General
Hiking around Ons Island

In this post of our Verdant Experiences blog, we are going to tell you about one of the most interesting islands in the Galician coastline: the Ons Island.

The Ons Island, in the estuary of Pontevedra (Spain), is the main island of the Ons archipelago, that belongs to the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park.

This archipelago, known as...

Dec 29, 2017 General
A review of the year 2017

We are in the last week of 2017 and to finalize the year in which Verdant Experiences has been created, we would like to dedicate the last post of this year to give a review of what have been the first months of this online Travel Agency.

Only a few months ago we were in the process of creating what...

Dec 22, 2017 General
Hiking around the Pozas de Melon

The Pozas de Melón, in the province of Ourense, are one of the most well-known hiking trails in the interior of Galicia.

Being part of the council of Melón, in the higher part of the Region of O Ribeiro, they owe there name to the multiple natural swimming pools (pozas) that the Cerves river has created along its way through...

Dec 15, 2017 General
History underwater: Castro Candaz

There are unique places that can only be visited during certain moments of the year, and one of these sites is Castro Candaz (also known as the Galician Atlantida). It is a fortress that is underwater during most of the year, but that during periods of low rainfall, reappears from the depths of the Belesar reservoir.

This settlement is located...

Wineries from Ribeira Sacra: Ronsel do Sil

Following our series of posts about interesting wineries for each Appellation of Origin located in Galicia, today we are going to talk about one of our favorite wineries in Ribeira Sacra: Ronsel do Sil.

Located in the municipality of Parada de Sil, the winery Ronsel do Sil was built next to the Sil river, which gives it a stunning view...

Dec 1, 2017 General
Autumn days in Allariz

When we talk about beautiful or charming places, the first thing that comes to mind to someone from Ourense is Allariz. And if we add the word autumn, it already becomes a must-see place during the months when the leaf falls.

Just 23 km from the city of Ourense, is this beautiful Village of Allariz, the ideal place for a...